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We’ve created this map to help people learn more about the areas they live in - from which communities have the least access to green space to which areas experience high levels of social deprivation.

The controls below the map allow you to jump to specific cities, as well as switch between seeing public green space, access to public and private green space, deprivation levels, and car ownership per household.

Picked the perfect location? Great - submit it to our database, write to your councillor to show your support for parklets, and then design a parklet to put there.

Sources and Methodology

Public Green Space data comes from the Ordnance Survey Open Green Space dataset (April 2021), with golf courses, allotments, and other semi-private green space removed.

Access to Green Space data comes from the Office for National Statistics "Access to gardens and public green space" dataset (April 2020).

Index of Multiple Deprivation data comes from the Consumer Data Research Centre's IMD dataset (2019), showing relative deprivation across the country in deciles.

Cars Per Household data comes from the Department for Transport's VEH0104 dataset (Dec 2020), which consists of licensed vehicles by body type and region, including per head of population.

Code for this website can be found on Github. For more questions, email hello@wearepossible.org.